There's more to iTunes than meets the Ear

We hear a lot about the use of iPods for learning, but what about iTunes? iTunes is much more than just a place to store your music!

In this session we will delve into some of the more sophisticated aspects of iTunes, from creating smart filters that can be used to teach important data information management concepts like metadata and boolean filtering, to the magic of the Podcast Directory, iTunes University and much more. Find out how to locate and download music, podcasts, audiobooks and video with iTunes.

You will learn things about iTunes that you probably didn't know were possible and discover its potential for education.

Points to cover:

How to quickly search the main library using search
Sorting using columns
Creating Playlists
Creating Smart Playlists
Genius and Genius Mixes
Application organiser (for iPod Touch and iPhones only)
Buying from the iTunes Store
Understanding DRM
Accessing Podcasts
Accessing iTunes U content
Syncing to one (or more) iPods
iTunes Radio
Visualiser (cmd-T on Mac or ctrl-T on Windows to turn it on)

A few tips:

Take the time to rate your music!
Making the iTunes Store go full-window (Prefs > Store > Use Full Window...)
You can base Smart Playlists on other Smart Playlists
Choosing a different iTunes library - Hold Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) when starting iTunes to select a different library
Got a huge iTunes library? Try keeping a mobile iTunes library on a portable drive
For Visualiser options press ? when in Visualiser mode

Smart Playlists:

Visualiser Shortcuts:

  • ? - Toggles the help screen
  • M - Changes the mode
  • P - Changes the color palette
  • I - Displays the track information
  • C - Toggles auto-cycle
  • F - Toggles freeze mode
  • N - Toggles nebula mode
  • L - Toggles camera lock

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