Teaching and learning in a digital world (without breaking the law!)

external image 290630500_f75e08f3bc_m.jpgWe encourage our students to develop digital resources, tell digital stories and use digital media effectively. We also expect them to respect copyright, avoid plagiarism and understand ethical issues. How can we help our students (and teachers!) understand the complexities of staying legal in a digital world.

This presentation looks at the many issues surrounding the creation of digital media, and explores the free and open resources available to schools, including Creative Commons and the huge online collections of Open Education Resources. Learn how to find images, audio and other digital resources that are free of traditional copyright restrictions and offer completely legal alternatives for digital publishing and republishing.

The Slides

The video used in this presentation

"Building on the Past" by Justin Cone and more CC videos can be found at http://creativecommons.org/videos/

Some of my previous blog posts on this topic

Sources of Creative Commons stuff



  • Opsound.org - an experiment in applying the model of free software to music.
  • ArtistServer.com - Thousands of MP3s for you to download and try out smaller bands.
  • ccMixter.org - A site to try your hand at mixing and mashing music that is all offered under the CC.
  • Jamendo.com - A music site providing free, full-length albums for you to download. You pay the artists what you want, or just spread the word about them.
  • PodShow.com - A site filling your MP3 player with Creative Commons licensed music, that allows you to discover old and new music alike.
  • SoundClick.com - A site for bands, both signed and unsigned, to be promoted. Offers free, downloadable, legal MP3s from some bands.
  • TheFreeSoundProject - A huge collection of CC licensed sound effects files.
  • MusOpen - Free and open sheet music collection, plus other music resources
OLPC Sound Archive - Huge collection of free sounds and sound effects from the OLPC project


  • Wikipedia - The world's largest community created body of knowledge. now CC licenced
  • Wikipedia for Schools - A subset of Wikipedia, specially selected and vetted fro school use
  • Project Gutenburg - Huge collection of free and out of copyright books
  • Wikibooks - Books created by the community
  • Wikijunior - Books for young people, created by the community
  • Free-Reading - Free reading resources for young children
  • OER Commons - Clearinghouse and collection of Open Education Resources
  • Curriki - Community created curriculum resources
  • Freebase - A community powered search engine to search the web for CC licensed work for you to use.

General Searches

  • Archive.org - Known mainly for their “Wayback Machine” as a means for seeing old pages on the net, they have also collected together a huge collection of free-to-use recordings and texts.
  • Google Advanced Search - Google gives you the option to include forms of licensing in your search.
  • Wikimedia Commons - The central clearing area for the Wikimedia projects CC files.
  • Yahoo Creative Commons Search - Yahoo allows you to search the entire web for what you need based on the licenses attached to the content.

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