This page has details of the books I've written. (Ok, so I've only written the one "real" book so far, but I may write others. Hey, it could happen!)

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution: Teaching with IWBs

By Chris Betcher and Mal Lee

The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution

Here is a short excerpt from the final chapter which I hope might give you a bit of a snapshot into the general message of the whole book…

"The international research about IWBs consistently reiterates that the most important variable in improving student learning is the quality of the teaching that takes place within the school. Although this book has tried to focus on some of the technical, pedagogical and logistical issues of implementing IWBs successfully, the point remains that none of this matters if it these are not being applied on top of quality teaching practice. It bears saying once more that an excellent teacher with limited resources will nearly always be able to provide a better learning experience than a lousy teacher who has all the latest technology. Technology, in and of itself, is not the answer to more effective learning. Good quality teaching by passionate, committed educators is the answer to more effective learning. Always has been, always will be.

An IWB is nothing but a tool to assist great teachers do what they do best. All the high praise or damning criticism you might hear about IWB technology is largely irrelevant without an insight into how a teacher is using it. An IWB can be used as a regular dry-erase whiteboard, a basic electronic whiteboard or a dynamic digital convergence facility that sits at the centre of a media-rich digital teaching hub. It is the teacher, not the technology, that decides how effectively an IWB will be used in their classroom."

To order a copy of the book, go to the ACER Press website at

There is also a Ning Community of IWB users that started out as a place to share ideas from the book (but it has grown bigger than that, and now has a life of its own.)

If you'd like to see what the book is about, thanks to Google Books, you can actually read most of it here. (8 of 10 chapters!) Of course, you could always buy a copy... after all, authors need to eat too.

Finally, here's some book reviews for The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution

10 IWB Features Every Teacher Should Know About (eBook format)

By Chris Betcher

This article was originally written as a piece for Education Technology Australia magazine, but I've republished it here in eBook format. It's free to download and is released under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence. Feel free to share it around! This ebook was created using Pages on the Mac, and is designed to be read on an eBook reader such as iBooks on the iPad.

To make it even easier, if you go to on your iPad web browser it will automatically drop the file straight into your iBooks app for you. I can't make it any easier than that. Really.

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