Hi, and thanks for dropping by. This wiki site serves as an extension to my main blog, Although that blog contains many posts and articles written over the last couple of years, some things that just make more sense in a wiki format. This is them.

Please be aware that pretty much everything on this site should be considered a work in progress!

Conference and Workshop Links

Every time I present something at a conference or workshop, I try to make any resources I used available online. That's really the main point of having this wiki, just as a super easy place to publish to. Slideshows, videos, links and resources from most presentations are stored here. If the session was recorded using audio or video, sometimes those files will be available here too. If you've been in one of my sessions, look through this list to find it and follow the links to see what you can find there.

There is also a discussion tab at the top of each page, and your comments are welcomed and encouraged.

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Tutorials, Books and other stuff

I have a bunch of tutorials that have been migrated over from my blog, where most of them used to live. As the number of them grew, the wiki seemed to be a much better fit for storing and organising the tutorials. Most are in the form of short video clips that show some of the key features of the tool or idea in question. Some have been published using Vimeo, althoughas YouTube's video quality has improved, most of them live there now. I realise that this section could use a serious reorg!

I've written a book and several articles about edtech stuff over the years and most of them are archived in here for posterity. Have a poke around and see what you find. The links are on the left side menu

Your feedback and conversation is encouraged through the discussion tab at the top of each page.

Terms of Use
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This gives you the freedom to use, reuse, remix and share this content in a fairly unrestricted way. However, if you do find any of this stuff useful, I'd really appreciate a quick note just to let me know. Thanks! ;-) This wiki welcomes contributions from anyone, but in order to control the inevitable spam you'll need to register before you can edit this site. Its free and simple, and once you register you can add a resource link here or there, or even just fix the occasional typo. Also, please note that because the wiki is shared under a CC BY license - the most open and unrestrictive CC license of all - anything you contribute will also be licensed under those same conditions. If that's a concern for you, maybe you shouldn't edit here. Otherwise, go for it...